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Low-E Glass Installation in Southern Illinois

Energy-efficient windows are a great way to lower your heating and cooling costs. To help increase the energy efficiency of your doors and windows, you can upgrade any of The Window Source products with our Low-E/Argon, high-performance, insulated glass package.

What is Low E glass with Argon?

The Low-E glass has an invisible, non-toxic, metallic coating applied to the surface that dramatically increases thermal performance by reflecting radiating heat. The LowE glass is more effective when used in sealed, insulated glass that has been filled with inert Argon gas. Performance can be further improved with a Warm Edge spacer. The Warm Edge Spacer is a non-conductive spacer used to separate the two panes of glass. With the proper LowE coating, the window will meet EPA Energy Star guidelines for energy efficiency.

Does Low E glass lower both heating and cooling cost?

The Low-E coating increases the efficiency of the windows, helping save you money and keeping you comfortable during any season. In the winter, radiant heat produced by your heating system is reflected back into your home. In the summer, radiant heat from the sun is reflected away from your home so that the burden on your cooling system is greatly reduced. Unlike dark tinted glass, Low-E glass allows almost all visible light to pass through.

How do I select the right Low E coating for my climate?

You don’t need to worry about which coating is best for your climate. The United States Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star program takes out all the guesswork. The program has set minimum performance criteria for each of the climate zones.

Select the Energy Star window that is compliant with your climate zone and you can rest assured that your Low-E coating has been optimized for your climate.

When selecting your new or replacement windows, make sure you request an Energy Star compliant window. The Window Source guarantees that your windows will be Energy Star certified when you select the Low-E upgrade on any of our doors or windows. Low-E is a great investment that will pay for itself with the recouped energy costs and allow you to relax in your home comfortably. The LowE glass coating is also great at reducing fading on fabrics inside your home that are exposed to a large amount of natural light.

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